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We are one of the best security guard service companies in Bangalore that follow perfect procedures to train its guards before placing them in a particular location. Join Rajan’s Vigil whenever you seek the most trustworthy and reliable Security Company in Bangalore.


We have a team of well-trained and motivated security guards to take care of your safety. They perform their job perfectly while working under us and covering multiple educational spaces, corporate sectors, and residential sites. If you are looking for the best security guard services in Bangalore, then you must choose Rajan’s Vigil Security Services.

This has helped us to create a brand for more than 25 yrs of our services. Being a best security service provider in Bangalore, we have proved to be a One Stop Solution to a wide segment of industries like:

If you seek top-notch security guard services in Bangalore? Join us and grab this Hassle – free service all the way!

Rajan’s Vigil is your one-stop solution when you are aiming for a security guard services company in Bangalore. With over 500+ well-trained, experienced, motivated, and professional security guards, we are capable of covering different types of residential sites and corporate space with ease. 

We are well-known for presenting high-security levels with the best facilities, where our security guards have been deployed. Moreover, each facility is well monitored by various levels of supervisors. We make sure to meet our client’s requirements and take care of their safety.

We follow strict recruitments and screening with perfect training before we deploy our security personnel to any residential or corporate space. So, finally, you will receive stability in the entire workforce. Our experts are known for their vigilant services and quick reflex throughout.

We are highly committed to safeguard and protect all the assets relating to any organization, people, information, or physical assets. We have specialized and trustworthy teams for providing an array of services.


Our Security Guards are very polite, experienced, and professional who are as per the Security Act 2005 which includes the concepts & importance of security in the modern world, First Aid, Fire Safety & Evacuation to meet the specific requirements of clients. With strict background checking, uniformed security personnel are capable of protecting on various levels.


Our Security personnel remain alert and be the first responder during any kind of emergencies.  The best thing about our security personnel is they are trained to respond quickly during fire emergencies.


As a renowned Security Service Provider in Bangalore, we dedicate ourselves at offering seamless and integrated services to ensure client satisfaction. We aim to deliver a quality service with the help of our committed and professional team.

Our innovative and unique approaches are proven to be very effective and helpful. We have maintained our standard by meeting client’s requirements by providing best security personnel all over Bangalore.

Our aim is to set new standards and benchmarks in the field of quality and service as per the rising demands of the industry and varying security scenarios. Nowadays, Security is essential in both larger and smaller industries and in residential areas as well.

We are backed by security professionals for the efficient Industrial Security guard Services in Bangalore, Whitefield, who work closely and confidentially with the clients and deliver security measures and personal safety.


The training is performed as per the requirements of the industry in the commercial sector and residential sectors. The commercial segment includes BPOs, Commercial Complex, Healthcare sectors, corporate space, Educational Institutions, etc.

We choose the persons in our team who are intelligent and physically fit as security guards after checking their abilities and knowledge in their domain.


The hiring is performed as per their skills, training and qualifications. They are also trained to respond to any kind of emergencies and threats. We also produce business plans covering details regarding physical, informative, and personnel security.


We serve multiple industries, educational sectors, technology, communications, manufacturing industries, and many more.  We offer a comprehensive delivery system for outsourcing services that allow companies to manage any kind of changes within their facilities.


We provide best security services in Bangalore. Our strength lies in our trained, disciplined, and dedicated manpower with 100% background checking, screening, and police verification to ensure quality delivery.

We perfectly train our guard force, as per the requirement for the client’s specific needs and particular location.